Scamps To Norway
Plus Finland And Sweden

The Route

Lots of preconceptions about a trip to Norway were found to be wrong !

1. It will be cold. We had several days with temperatures around 20 deg C.
2. It will rain a lot. We had only 4 days of rain in 3 weeks.
3. North of the Arctic Circle it will be barren with few people. There are large towns up there and plenty of people.
4. A trip to the North Cape (Nordkapp) is unusual. No around 2000 people visit every day.

My best memories will be (in no particular order)

1. Watching snowmobiles racing on a river (not frozen) in Finland at 22 deg C.
2. The size of the country. Bergen to North Cape 1470 miles.
3. Any excuse and they build a tunnel or bridge.
4. The blue color of the glacier.
5. The great feeling of being in a with people with a common aim to visit the North Cape
6. How much there is to do and see.
7. The amazing country side - fjords, hills, mountains and lakes.
8. The people we met, especially the bikers.

Leaving Newcastle a
Fjord Line ferry

HMS Invincible in Newcastle docks

We found snow on the first day !

We crossed the Arctic circle on the 3rd day

This is the visitors center

Our first internal ferry

Fish is dried in frames under nets

The North Cape in 4 and a half days and 1470 miles

The most northern place in Europe

As we could not go further north we went east to Finland

First to Inari and then to Ivalo

Murmansk in Russia was not far away

Only the lack of a visa stopped Peter at the Russian border.

The temperature was
22 deg C

Snow mobile racing on the local river in Finland

More snow mobile pics

Next we went to Sweden

A herd of Reindeer
(as daft as sheep)

Back to Norway near Narvik

There was no shortage of good camp sites

Norway has lot of impressive bridges

All this turbulance is created by the tide rushing the water in or out of a fjord

A few miles north of
Mo i Rana

A call on the CB returned me to Peter's car

It left a long oil slick on the E6

This is a good number to know if this happens to you !

The Scamp quickly was recovered

The glacier near Mo-I-Rani slides into the fjord

A traditional house in Norway

The Vemork hydroelectric power station at Rjukan

Where the Nazi's made 'heavy' water

As attacked in the film the heroes of Telemark

These are sabotage team

Peter's hire car

Waiting on the dock at Bergen to catch the ferry home. Note Peter's 4 free studded snow tyres

Once back to Cheadle 3870 miles had been driven.

It was such a brilliant trip.
When can I go back again?
More Scamps next time ?

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