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Tim from Sussex – RTV
Tim bought his RTV in 2011 which is registered for the road.
When new in 1985 it was supplied to a private estate in Stirling Scotland to be used for transporting people who came on shoots we understand.
Tim takes up his story:
“I have owned my RTV around 2 years. A purchase I jumped at on ebay. Not seeing one there before lured me to part with a useful amount of money. I feel it is an interesting off-roader with the fact of it being a British production model. I remember it being on tomorrow’s world TV program. I took my boys to a Land Rover trials in the 80’s in East Sussex where I live, there was an RTV on trial which raced of to perform to an excited crowd and unfortunately shortly after hobbled back with a dislocated drive shaft
Mine needed complete running gear rebuild, steering rack, and side windows, however the engine was in great shape. The boots have great tread but show bad side wall cracking.
Parked neatly on the front lawn it draws a great deal of interest. This year I showed it at a local show, it was put in with tractors, I felt it was like a lamb in a pen of wolves. One good thing for the RTV though was that the show ground got very wet and muddy so was able show off the very good traction it had with little ground damage where it had passed.”
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