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Quote from Ford Powertalk magazine.
The RTV has attracted substantial TV coverage, notably on the BBC’s “Top Gear” and “Tomorrows World”. It has also appeared on breakfast television – under somewhat unusual circumstances: “perhaps the most worthwhile publicity for the RTV was generated by the part the vehicle played in a national televised charity event.” Nikki Hawgood explained: “it came about purely by chance. We heard that a blind man, Peter Wood, wanted a vehicle in which to drive from John O’Groats to Lands End as part of a 1,200mile charity run for the Royal National Institute for the Blind. Peter was a motorsport enthusiast and planned to tackle rally stages en route, so the vehicle had to be capable of crossing bogs and climbing rocky outcrops. We were commissioned to build the vehicle and in association with Perrys of Potters Bar set about creating a special RTV sourced almost entirely from Ford parts.
The new vehicle was completed in August 1988 and Peter completed his epic drive in 14 days, raising nearly £1/3 million for charity.
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